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  Engineered Steel Products (ESP) is your solutions partner for custom-engineered and manufactured Cold Formed Steel roof truss systems. Serving architects, builders, installers and owners in the Central Midwest Region, we will work with you and your team from the specifications stage to create customized truss system designs that are pre-fabricated trusses and delivered to your job site ready for quick installation, complete with layouts and materials.  
Why Engineered Steel Products?
  • More than 40 years of experience and knowledge in construction design and enginnering

  • Work closely with your building team to solve and simplify design and installation issues
  • Versatile designs from typical flat roofs to complex, distinctive rooflines

  • Laser projected truss designs insures quality control while enhancing shorter delivery cycles for all projects
Virtek Virtek laser projection system   By partnering with Enginerred Steel Products from the beginning of a project, you can minimize the expense of multiple change orders resulting in a greater profit.

Some of the benefits of using cold-formed steel trusses include:

  • Flexibility and design advantages with the versatility of a non-combustible material.

  • On site, the high strength-to-weight ratio makes trusses easy to deliver, handle and install.

  • Recyclable trusses are more environmentally friendly.

  • Steel does not emit the typical odors associated with chemically treated lumber.

  • Cold-formed steel trusses contribute to achieving a UL fire-rated assembly.

  • LEED certification available. All truss materials and accessories are produced from 90% recycled steel, comprised of 57% post-consumer recycled content and 33% post-industrial recycled content.
In addition to construction advantages, cold-formed steel trusses also offer long-term benefits to owners including:

  • Greater durability than wood-framed roots, which are susceptible to shrinking and expansion with weather changes.

  • Resistance to insect damage and fire, meeting fire code requirements.
  Shop floor Engineered Steel Products' production facility capable of spans up to 90 feet.  
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